100,000 tonnes of cereal and grain storage

  • Two main storage sites, both with public weighbridges, ideally located with excellent access to major routes

  • 20 modern storage buildings complying with strict TASCC certification

  • Skilled storekeepers constantly monitor and test the produce during storage

  • Aerated environmental controls to optimise the condition of stored grain

With over 100,000 tonnes of storage space over two different sites, G. W. Topham & Son can offer our customers expertise in cereal and grain storage, with the skill and modern machinery to process and move vast quantities quickly and efficiently.

We have the ability to process 10 lorries an hour, equating to almost 300 tonnes of produce per hour moving in and out of our stores.

To complement our onsite grain laboratory, our storage facilities have the capacity to clean, dry and sort cereals and grains to client requirements. Our grain dryer can run at up to 40 tonnes an hour, and our rotary separator can clean the grain to high specifications and increase marketability.

Our high capacity optical sorter gives us the facilities to improve the quality of your produce and minimise any rejection costs.

Grain store locations

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