Contract Farming

reliable, productive, successful partnerships

  • A diverse and dynamic operation maximising potential from 13,000 acres of arable land

  • Working with 7 landowners to build reliable, productive, successful partnerships

  • Top yields and quality crops are achieved by utilising technology, our expertise, experienced workforce, and attention to detail

  • A testament to our commitment, we have had a 12 year working relationship with the RSPB


Looking after the land is fundamental to our arable farming, and with our innovative analysis techniques, we can improve soil quality and structure, maximise yield and financial return, and ultimately increase land value.

Priding ourselves on the service we offer, with 50 skilled full-time staff paying attention to the smallest detail, our high standards are always met and expectations exceeded

Advanced software and the latest specialised machinery are utilised to produce quality crops for national, global and niche markets

Agricultural services

Tailored farming solutions

G. W. Topham & Son offer modern adaptable precision farming services, tailored to our clients’ needs. All aspects of arable agricultural requirements are facilitated with professionalism and experience.

Machine Inventory

State of the art machinery

G. W. Topham & Son offer an extensive range of specialist machinery for a wide array of agricultural services that will complement the services we have to offer and ensure maximum efficiency.

Crop Establishment

Cultivations & Drilling

For best results we give the crop the best seedbed possible, utilising a wide range of different cultivation machinery to suit all soil conditions. Using our expertise to decide what machine is best in each situation, tailor and adapt to any scenario. We have the power and capacity to cover the ground quickly and effectively which is critical especially in our changeable climate. Whether ploughing, discing, power-harrowing or mole draining we have machines capable to do each job in all conditions.

Our state of the art machines are pulled with self-steering tractors via RTX GPS, ensuring accurate and precise drilling. The drills are equipped to vary the seed rate according to a range of pre-determined factors such as soil type and condition. The savings on input costs the GPS and variable seed rates provide have become a vital aspect of modern agriculture to achieve the highest profit margins.

Blackgrass control

Blackgrass is a versatile and adaptive weed which has become a major issue on Cambridgeshire’s Hanslope soils in recent years. Contributing to this problem has been poor drainage, cultivation techniques and herbicide resistance. Our independent agronomist has access to the latest products and information and, coupled with our policy of investing in machinery with the latest technology, helps us to guarantee that plans are carried out the highest standard to give maximum control.  With delayed drilling becoming increasingly vital for blackgrass control, our large 12m drills give us the capacity to cover the ground during narrower windows of opportunity.

Quality Production

Crop Protection

Highly efficient self-propelled sprayers use GPS navigation to cover large areas in optimum spraying windows. We have invested extensively in specialist machinery and techniques to improve crop establishment and weed control. Brand new Challenger Rogator Sprayers operate to high, safe and environmental standards. These versatile sprayers can:

  • Operate on low ground pressure tyres for wet and wintery conditions or on row crop tyres to avoid crop and soil damage
  • Spray width of 36m which reduces tramlines by a third
  • Spray at a variety of water volumes with specially designed nozzles
  • Spray accurately via GPS navigation with auto shut off and auto tracking
  • Apply liquid fertiliser with precision

Using SOYL Precision Nutrient Management our machines utilise GPS technology with soil nutrient maps, applying fertiliser across fields and targeting specific areas applying at variable rates. This increases yields and targets expensive fertiliser to where it is needed most. Nitrogen, Phosphate and Potassium can all now be applied using this system.


We cut the crop when quality is at its peak, ensuring we meet industry standards. The high output of the machines means we can cover in excess of 300 acres per day during the harvest. The combines are fitted with the Terra Trac design which enables us to reduce grown compaction for future crops.

Our top of the range combines use yield mapping software for post crop analysis to assist in planning for future harvests. In turn this provides our market-leading  crop recording software with data which helps us to constantly monitor and improve performance.

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